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About us

For many years our company is engaged in sewing and tailoring to the world-renowned companies, and to our own cuts. Sewing is like no other skills, a unique blend of creative expression and practical. Our company strives to meet global standards and the needs of a large number of satisfied customers.

The company “Mraz” (means: frost) Ltd. Pale began working 1980th as a small tailor shop with a few workers.

Over time, the company expanded, increased the number of staff and workload.

This is a family company and is wholly owned by the family who is also the owner and founder of the company.

The factory in Pale employs about 118 workers and successfully cooperating with renowned German company “Greiff.”

We produced the WORKS i BENETTON.

In addition to factories in the Pale, we set up a joint venture with the municipality Kneževo famous Slovenian company “PREVENT & DELOZA” from Celje and the company employs 75 workers.