Our fully automated tailoring department is equipped with state of the art smart technology, purchased in 2019 in adherence to the highest European standards including


  • 2 Gerber Paragon LX Cutting System cutteri
  •  2 GERBER XLs50 Spreaderi
  •  2 GERBER MP+ Series Plotteri
  •  Aesus labelers
  •  The Akumer modeling program
  • Kater - 2 pieces

In addition to our tailoring department, we also have the latest, cutting edge sewing equipment:


  • Veit automated Pants Finishers 8741
  • Veit Fusing Machines AX 450 C
  • ASS pocket welting machines
  • Brother Industries NEXIO KE-430HS Electronic Direct Drive Lockstitch Bar Tackers
  • Brother Industries RH-9820 Eyelet Buttonhole
  • Brother Industries NEXIO T-8752D Twin Needle Direct Drive Split Needle Bar Lock Stitcher
  • Brother Industries NEXIO HE-800C Electronic Direct Drive Lockstitch Button Holer